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Auto Self Leveling Sensor For Anet ET4


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New Auto Self Leveling Sensor For Anet ET4 3D Printer Accessories

  •  3D printer mainboard is equipped with an automatic leveling module, referring to the physical characteristics of the pressure sensor, and has been successfully developed after many optimizations and debugging. The trigger time is short. Accurate trigger distance
  •  3D printer leveling module
  •   Can be applied to 3D printers of various structures
  •   The product structure is simple, easy to install and maintain
  •   Can be used for various 3D printer upgrades, can be used without replacing any spare parts, and without debugging, the default trigger distance is 0.1mm
  •   High precision, leveling repeatability can reach +/- 0.05mm
    Product use : used for leveling of 3D printer platform
    Working temperature : -20 ~ + 40degree
    cable length : 1M
    Leveling accuracy : +/- 0.5mm
  • Anet

  • Spare Parts

  • 0.10 KG

  • White

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  • Mayur Pawar

    2021-03-09 22:27:06

    Good Product

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