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Anet ET4 PRO Auto Level Proximity Sensor


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  •  This capacitive proximity switch is designed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the auto-leveling process for 3D printers. Able to detect both metal and non-metal building platform.

    •  Save time messing with springs and screws on your print bed.
    •   Run the Auto-level procedure before every print or just one time for each start-up of the printer.
    •  Fewer issues related to un-level print beds like parts coming up on one corner and nozzles jamming because the print starts too close.
    •  Able to detect both metal and non-metal building platform.
      Model : LJC 12A3-4-Z/BX
      Output Type : NPN
      Supply Voltage : DC 6-36V
      Power : 500~600HZ
      Detection Distance : 5-10mm (±5 adjustable)
      Operating Temperature : -25℃ ~ +75℃
      Wire Length : 15cm
      Dimension : 12*60mm
    • Anet

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    • 0.12 KG

    • Silver

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    • Mayur Pawar

      2021-03-09 22:27:06

      Good Product

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