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extruder kit ANET A8


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Anet A8 3d printer Accessories MK8 extruder kit i3 single jet nozzle A8 extruder print head with motor For A8 3D Printer

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  •   the working voltage 12V, 24V, default 12V.
  •   nozzle 0.2/0.3/0.4/0.5mm any kind, default hair 0.4mm.
  •   the length of the fan line is 1m, the length of the heating head is 0.5m.
  •   the length of the stepping motor is 1m.
    Nozzle diameter : 0.2/0.3/0.4/0.5mm
    Axis speed : 40mm/s
    Nozzle flow rate : about 24cc/h
    Print material : ABS, PLA 1.75/3.0mm
    Stepper motor model : SL42STH40-1684A
    Cooling fan operating voltage : 12V (24V optional,) with 100cm cable
    Extrusion head heating voltage 12V, preventing 5-9 ohms, 500MM cable. :
    K-type thermocouple 500MM link line. NTC 100K B=3950 :
    Cooling fan : 12VDC 0.12A 40*40*10mm with 100cm langth
    Heat sink : 40*40*10mm
    Extrusion head : voltage 12V, power 40W
    Weight : 500g
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