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The reserve tank should be for resin another color/Other material can be used. This allows you to print materials between print quickly and easily without the need to dispose of remaining resin. At the same time improves this design the quality of your prints and prevents the risk of vermischter colors and textures.

  •  The resin tank for 3D Nobel printers is one of the key parts for its proper functioning, since it is where the resin is located, which will subsequently solidify layer by layer through the beam of light generated by the printer itself. Depending on whether it is a Nobel Superfine printer with DLP technology, or whether it is a Nobel 1.0 or Nobel 1.0.A 3D printer, one type of tank or another should be used.
  •  It is advisable to use a spare tank to store different types of resin or different colors. In this way you can change the printing materials between prints quickly and easily, without wasting resin and ensuring optimum print quality. In addition, the tanks should be changed when marks or wear are appreciated in order to always achieve successful impressions.
    Type : XYZprinting resin tank for Nobel super fine
    Product type : Resin
    model : RSD10XY100E (Nobel Superfine)
  • XYZ Printing

  • Spare Parts

  • Black

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