Nozzle heater for XYZ 3d printer 12v 40W

Brand: XYZ Printing

Rs. 3,243
    • The 12v 40W Ceramic Cartridge Heater is a powerful little beast of a heater. Get rid of fragile and poor tolerance enamel resistors and switch to a purpose made high power ceramic heater cartridge. Increase the reliability of your extruder with this heater cartridge. Also, it heats up faster. It fits nicely in our extruder, so its an easy replacement. Get your hot end hot quickly and hit the highest of temperatures. Comes with a meter of silicone insulated high-temperature wire.


Material : Stainless Steel, PVC, Nylon
Voltage : 24 V
Power : 40W
Heater Size : size6x20mm
Heater size : 6x20mm(D*L)
Wire Length : 500mm

  1.  It fits nicely in our extruder, so it’s an easy replacement.
  2.  Small but powerful.
  3.  Get your hotend hot quickly.
  4.  This unit is a more powerful unit than the standard unit for many 3D printers.


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