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Creality LD-002R Motherboard


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  •  Creality LD-002R Motherboard are critical components in LD-002R 3D printer that control various aspects of the printing process. The microcontroller, such as an ARM-based or AVR-based processor, is the brain of the motherboard. It executes the firmware responsible for interpreting G-code instructions and controlling the printer movements.

    •  The motherboard typically provides control for the heated bed and hotend, allowing you to set and regulate temperatures for different printing materials.
    •  It include connectors for cooling fans that help maintain proper temperatures and airflow within the printer.
    •  The motherboard manages endstops and limit switches that detect the position of the print head and the end of each axis to prevent collisions and ensure accurate prints.
      Manufacturer : ‎Creality
      Dimensions : ‎15 x 15 x 7.5 cm
      Weight : 200 Grams
    • Creality

    • Spare Parts

    • 0.10 KG

    • Black

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