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Integral Light Source, High Precision and Uniformity:

The self-developed integral light source adopts the reflection & refraction to make the light intensity distribution of the whole screen uniform, and each dimension of the model with consistent accuracy.

Integral Light Source VS Matrix Light Source:

Integral light source: It is composed of 12 lamp beads, and each lamp bead e is composed of 4 light-emitting chips, the uniformity of light source energy can reach more than 80%. When the individual lamp beads are attenuated, the uniformity of the printed model e is not affected.

Ordinary light source: It consists of many ultraviolet lamp beads evenly arranged in a row. The light intensity of the lamp bead splicing area is uneven, and the lamp bead damage has a greater impact on the uniformity of the printed model.

  •  High Precision Integral Light Source
  •  High-Performance Motherboard
  •  192*120*200mm Large Printing Size
  •  8.9 Monochrome LCD Display
  •  Wi-Fi/APP Remote Control
  •  5.0" Touch Screen
  •  High Efficient Slicing
  •  Cooling & Filtration System
    LCD Pixel : 3840*2400
    LCD screen : 8.9" monochrome
    Light Source : Integral Light Source
    Printing size : 192*120*200mm
    XY-axis precision : 0.05mm
    Printing speed : 1-4s/layer
    Layer Thickness : 0.01-0.2mm
    Interaction Screen : 5" color touch screen
    Material : 405nm UV Resin
    Auto-leveling : Easy manual leveling
    Input power : 100-240V
    Machine size : 330*301*572mm
    Machine Weight : 10.6kg
  • Creality

  • 3D Printer

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