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Sermoon D3


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The Sermoon D series is tailor-made for industrial design. Be it prototyping, jigs & fixtures making, or design verification, it gets them all covered. It can even mass-produce some small but oddly shaped parts or products. The beauty is that it delivers prints rapidly with stable, high quality in a cost-effective way.

  •  Industrial Grade Stability
  •   Precision-made to Minimize Mechanic Errors
  •   Reliable Extrusion at 300℃ Temperature
  •   14 Filaments at Choice
  •   Scale It Up with Multi-printers Control
  •   Up to 5 Times of Printing Speed
  •   Connected for a Smarter Way of Working
    Printing Technology : FDM
    Build Volume : 300*250*300mm
    Product Dimensions : 553*576*656mm
    Package Dimensions : 695*670*700mm
    Net Weight : 45kg
    Gross Weight : 50kg
    Printing Speed : PLA≤150mm/s,ABS≤250mm/s
    Printing Accuracy : ±0.1mm
    Layer Height : 0.1-0.4mm
    Filament Diameter : 1.75mm
    File Transfer : USB flash drive, LAN, Creality Cloud
    Nozzle Kit Type : Copper Alloy Nozzle Kit, Hardened Steel Nozzle Kit
    Nozzle Diameter : 0.4mm
    Nozzle Temperature : ≤300℃
    Heatbed Temperature : ≤110℃
    Build Surface : PC spring steel sheet, PEI spring steel sheet
    Extruder Type :
  • Creality

  • 3D Printer

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