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ZMorph VX Printing set

Description High-quality 3D printing, dedicated software, and powerful manufacturing capabilities. ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printer is a complete solution for production, science, and education. ZMorph VX is our latest and most advanced multitool 3D printer yet. The machine offers a very high quality of prints with layer resolution from 50 to 400 microns.


  •  ZMorph features
  •  Single and Dual Extrusion
  •  Working Area 235mm x 250mm x 165mm
  •  Maximum 3D Printing Temperature up to 250°C
  •  Heated Bed up to 125°C
  •  Layer Resolution up to 40 microns
  •  Automatic Bed Calibration
  •  Interchangeable Toolhead System
  •  Open Filament System

Price : 350000.00
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Performance Parameters

ZMorph features
Single and Dual Extrusion
Working Area 235mm x 250mm x 165mm
Maximum 3D Printing Temperature up to 250°C
Heated Bed up to 125°C
Layer Resolution up to 40 microns
Automatic Bed Calibration
Interchangeable Toolhead System
Open Filament System
Functional prototypes, Concept models, End use parts and low volume production, Education & science, Tools, jigs & fixtures, Signage & customization, Architectural models, Custom PCBs, Historical reconstruction, Art and decor, Molds and castings, Medical visualisation aids, Cosplay
Supported materials
3D printing
Package information
Package weight 22 kg
Package size 70 x 70 x 70 cm
In the box
ZMorph VX printer
1.75 mm Plastic Extruder with 0.3 mm nozzle
Heated worktable for 3D printing
Printing fan add-on
Spare extruder nozzle 0.3mm
Dimafix fixative for 3D printing
Tools and Maintenance materials
1 spool of PLA filament

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