DA Vinci 1.0 A

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DA Vinci 1.0 A
Product Type 3D Printer
Brand Name XYZ Printing
Color Name White
Power Plug Type D

DA Vinci 1.0 A


  •  Open Source Filament: the first XYZ 3D printer that allows 3rd party 1.75mm ABS and PLA filaments
  •  New Aluminum Print Bed: more even heat distribution compared to common glass print bed allows a higher level of prints and New Innovative Calibration System: newly designed, frustration-free sensors and knobs ensure each print is perfectly calibrated
  •  UL listed "for the purpose of classification or evaluation with respect to one or more of the following: specific risks only, e.g., casualty, fire or shock, performance under specified conditions, regulatory codes, other standards, including international standards, or such other conditions as UL may consider desirable
  •  WiFi LAN Connectivity: send print jobs directly from your Windows or Mac computer, or the XYZ app
  •  XYZware for Pro: bundled with powerful software that enables you to adjust multiple printer settings such as speed, print support, and retraction

Price : 72,780

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Technical Specifications

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