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Sparkmaker FHD


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The SparkMaker FHD resin printer from 3D idea is designed to help you push your creative boundaries. It features an upgraded print quality and a simple user interface. It is an amazing 3D printers for DIY enthusiasts, engineers, jewellery designers etc.

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  •  Larger build size: We strive to create 110*61.8*125mm for you, so that your creation has more creative space and no limit to creativity.
  •  Higher precision: The 1080pFHD screen can achieve 57 micron XY resolution with a precision of millions of effects and the beauty of detail.
  •  Faster FHD prints models at faster speeds (up to 25mm/hr), making 3D printing more efficient and saving you valuable time.
  •   asy to use SparkMaker FHD now supports wireless control through Bluetooth connection. Either through an SD card with printing files or the smartphone App by Bluetooth, it is just one button to get printing started with SparkMaker FHD.
    Molding Size : 110mm x 61.8mm x 125mm
    XY Dementional Accuracy : 57
    Speed : 3-12s/layer
    Printing Method : SD Card Offline Printing
    Stepper Motor Driver : 178mm x 288mm
    Printer Control : knob & App
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    2021-03-09 22:27:06

    Quality Product

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