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Ultrasonic Cleaner


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Zortrax Ultrasonic Cleaner is a device that uses high-frequency sound waves that propagate in isopropanol (IPA) to automatically clean models.

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  •  The duration of the cleaning process depends heavily on the complexity of the model, but should not take more than 3 minutes!
  •  The Ultrasonic cleaner is used to clean models from the Zortrax Inkspire or other Resin 3D printers.
  •  Ultrasonic Cleaner
  •  Simply fill the container with isopropanol, insert the freshly printed model and turn it on.
    Internal dimensions : 240 x 135 x 100 mm
    Maximum capacity : 3.2 litres
    Time setting : 0 - 30 min
    Max. power consumption : 120W
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    2021-03-09 22:27:06

    Quality Product

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