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Basic AI Kit for Dobot Magician


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The Basic AI Kit for Dobot Magician as an entry-level learning suite for AI, Arduino Artificial Intelligence Suite features Arduino Mega 2560 control board, LED indicator, joystick, switch button, voice and visual recognition modules.

  •  Professional Hardware: MG400 has a controller design based on Linux real-time system, and makes use of the most advanced 1-to-4 servo drive technology.
  •  High Precision: All axes use low-voltage DC servo motors with high-precision absolute position encoders, and mechanical transmission parts with low backlash. All these put MG400 in a superior position to produce repeatability up to ±0.05mm.
  •  With safety as its core, MG400 adopts an advanced collision detection algorithm with a collision force threshold less than 12N. The robot stops immediately when it touches an obstacle, putting it in the same league as the world’s best cobots.
  •  The adopted vibration suppression algorithm increases repeatability bandwidth stability by 60% and reduces residual vibration by 70% without affecting the space trajectory accuracy of multi-axis motion. This means that the robot’s tool will move more steadily without jittering, ensuring smooth execution of tasks.
    Commercially Available Industrial : Grade Performance
    Inherently Safe : So Gentle It Can’t Even Hurt a Balloon
    Vibration Suppression Algorithm : Fulfill Tasks Smoothly & Steadily
    TrueMotion Algorithm for Applications Requiring High : Accuracy Trajectory
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